Airbnb: Crowdsourced Lodging Provides the Local Experience

Airbnb is a godsend for anybody looking to travel but who doesn’t want the sterile experience of a traditional hotel. Hosts are able to list their homes and other living spaces along with descriptions of the neighborhood, while guests are able to find tons of local people at their destination willing to rent their living space to them (for a reasonable fee, of course).

As the company puts it, this allows you to “experience the city like a local”, giving you an up close and intimate look at your location. Like similar crowd-driven platforms, there is a rating and review system in place that ensures your accommodations are safe and of high quality. For vacationers especially, the Airbnb experience is a must see if you want to truly immerse yourself in the local experience in a safe, affordable, and dependable way. For anybody curious in checking the platform out, there is an airbnb coupon code available.

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