The most popular coffee machines used world-wide are the Drip Coffee machines. They are very stylish looking and brew great cups of coffee instantly.

They are small and most liked kitchen appliances in all households in the world. Drip coffee machines are among the cheapest coffee machines, with simple and easy systems that only require you to place the grind in the filter and the machine does the rest.

Drip coffee machines are perfect for home use. They come in different sizes ranging from, a single cup evenly up to 100 cup makers, which are mostly for commercial purposes.

There are different types of drip coffee machines and espresso machine, like cuisinart, Krups, KitchenAid, DeLonghi and Bunn and if you wish to buy a new espresso machine then you should check out the best espresso machine reviews in this page, it should help you in reaching your buying decision quicker and find the best coffee machine suitable for you, but for now I want to focus on two major groups of coffee machines: manual or automatic.

Automatic drip coffee machines

They are a representative modern ways of coffee brewing. They use the same principle of operation as the manual, the difference being that they do most of the work owing to the extra features they have.

The extra features they are made of that make them more efficient and easy to use than the manual include: alarm clocks, adjustable temperature controls, built-in coffee grinders, automatic start and stop switches, choices of brew cycles etc.

Manual drip coffee machines

They closely resemble a conical basket designed to fit over a ceramic mug, and require your time and attention while using it. However, they are cheap and excellent when you only need to brew one cup.

Most people prefer them as they let you take charge of the temperature and rate at which the coffee is brewed.

How to choose the best drip coffee machine

To be able to choose the best machine, you need to put every factor into consideration, from cost, capacity to its features.

The prices of an automatic drip coffee machine ranges from as low as $20 to as high as $275, and is dependent on many things like the brand, the features and water reservoir capacity.

The most common feature in all automatic drip coffee machines is the timer. It allows you to preset the machine 24 hrs before it brews. This way you get to set the time you want the machine to begin brewing.

The quality of coffee you brew depends on the quality of the coffee machine. Bunn puts together classic brewing technology and high quality materials therefore enabling you to produce top quality coffee and keep it hot for long.

You should also consider your coffee drinking tastes and habits. Know your drinking wants and needs before you head out to purchase your next machine. You should consider factors such as your preference coffee, how often you take coffee, your budget and kitchen.

The number of cups of coffee you want made at a time. As earlier mentioned, they vary from a low as 1-2 to as high as 100 cups per brewing cycle. Choose wisely depending on your needs.

Another sure way that can help you choose is the internet. It is a great research tool where you will find numerous testing websites and review sites (like this site). It will expose you to the different features each machine has, from where you will choose the one that suite your needs.

Great drip coffee machine brewing tips

If done right, you can produce very decent tasting coffee. Sadly, this is never the case. Throwing some coffee grounds in the filter and starting the process is never enough. There are certain things that if done correctly will greatly improve the taste and quality of coffee brewed.

Always use cold water. It produces hotter coffee and is good for the working of your machine. In addition, where possible use spring water as it will help you make nice and pure gourmet coffee.

The quality of coffee you brew is also dependent on the brand of coffee you will use. Most mass distributed coffee are never of good quality. It is for this reason that the more expensive the coffee is the better.

Coffee grounds are another big factor. Instead of buying ground coffee that is already packaged, purchase a simple coffee grinder and do the grinding by yourself just before brewing.

These methods are among many that will help you improve the taste of your coffee.

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