The Top 10 #TweetYourThobe Tweets That Blessed Our Feed

The Top 10 #TweetYourThobe Tweets That Blessed Our Feed

Yesterday we got to witness history being made, as the most diverse class of freshmen were sworn into the 116th Congress. Among them were a record-breaking number of women and people of color, so what could possibly make yesterday’s win even more badass (beyond Rashida Tlaib’s son dabbing as she voted for Nancy Pelosi as House Speaker)? The fact that she inspired countless people by wearing her Palestinian thobe while taking her oath (on Thomas Jefferson’s Quran, no less) made literal history, and started the #TweetYourThobe hashtag.

Here are ten tweets that had us shook:

1. This photo set of maximized slay:


2. These actual queens:


3. These cuties that had us crying literal tears (seriously who allowed them to be this cute?):


4. This powerful energy for all of 2019:


5. This tweet that should definitely be deleted before his mom finds out he stole her thobe:

6. This one for the brothers representing Falasteen:


7. This symbol of resistance:


8. This thobe that’s almost as resilient as Palestinian women themselves:


9. This one speaks for itself, pure strength:


10. And this one, for the culture:

Edited by Manal Moazzam. 

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