Vancouver Tree Service

Our Company is a tree cutting service based in Vancouver. We have highly skilled technicians who have several years of experience in tree cutting and removal. Our services includes tree cutting, dangerous tree removal, pruning, trimming and tree stump removal.

Trees are good in the human environment but there are times they could constitute hazards and disaster. Dead trees harbor fungi and bacteria which can quickly spread and cause diseases in the human environment. Old trees are also dangerous to the human environment as they are vulnerable to weather elements like rain and wind which can result in the fall of trees on roads, driveways and sidewalks thereby causing accident and injury.

Trees can also play host to animal pests like snakes which can cause harm in the human environment. Trees are a headache to real estate developers because they obstruct the construction of new buildings. This is why it is good to cut down unwanted trees.

If you ever find yourself in any situation where a tree is constituting an hazard in your environment, contact us at Vancouver tree service. Our technicians understand the importance and urgency of their jobs and will respond immediately.

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