Zayn Malik Just Broke The Hearts of Millions of Muslim Girls

Zayn Malik Just Broke The Hearts of Millions of Muslim Girls

So, here’s the thing. About a week ago, Zayn Malik, former member of the band One Direction, and (almost) every brown chick’s fantasy, spoke out about no longer identifying as a Muslim. *GASP*

In an interview with Vogue, he iterated his pleasure at having built his life around the “tenets of Islam,” stating that his stance on religion doesn’t go beyond the “spiritual belief” that “there is a god.”

Oh boy. 

As one of the very few visibly brown, Muslim entertainers in the industry, it’s totally understandable why Muslims around the globe would feel the loss of this tiny portion of representation so keenly. He was a Muslim, loved by non-Muslims worldwide. That made us look good! We saw the tsunami of sentiment coming. What we didn’t see coming, was the hilarity that would ensue on #MuslimTwitter. Take a gander below to see the very best reactions on offer, as #MuslimTwitter sounds TF off on Malik’s admission:


1. Or, we could just leave everyone alone?



2. Ain’t nothing like a Muslim woman scorned.



3. I don’t know, sis. I just don’t know.



4. I mean, I guess?



5. This is a difficult time, and we need space to grieve, ok?



6. One Muslim’s drama is another Muslim’s trauma.



7. *Cue tiny violins*



8. Desperate times call for desperate attempts at uncovering old tweets to turn back the clock.



9. Thank u, next.



10. Where’s the lie, though?



11. Brothers out here, really shooting their shot.



12. Is it even Muslim humor if we don’t bring up that dang lota?


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